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Bermuda Case Study

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As Bermuda prepared to revamp their brand identity, a new tagline for the island emerged ” Bermuda – So Much More”. The line refers to the serendipitous nature of the island; the happy surprises you encounter and the stories you tell upon your return.


Launching a new “all inclusive” brand identity came with a few challenges. Bermuda wanted to highlight the intangible, and distinctly human element of their paradise. It was crucial to bring the stories of their visitors and natives to the forefront in order to show the world why Bermuda is so much more.


“Engage the people during the launch”
Launching the new brand with a social component allowed the people to tell the story. The new tagline was revealed online through an engaging and heartwarming social contest. Participants were asked to “Tell us why Bermuda is So Much More?” They were encouraged to share their pictures and stories, everything from honeymoons and family reunions, to discovering buried treasure and encountering a giant tortoise. The winner would receive a trip of a lifetime. Targeted social ads were used to reach the proper demographics and print campaigns supported the efforts.


It was important for both native and non natives to support the campaign. By releasing the campaign with this social element, everyone felt a part of the movement. With colossal engagement and reach, Bermuda was able to win over residence and visitors alike. Best of all, the buzz created by these groups affected millions of those who had never visited this coveted “Jewel Of The Atlantic”
2000 %

Social Engagment

Increase YOY

20 %

Stay Duration

Increase YOY

30 %

Website Traffic

Increase YOY

4 %

Lesiure Travel

Increase YOY


Fans Acquired

In 3 Weeks


People Reached



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"Just what the doctor ordered. Words can't describe how much I miss this view."

Ulrich von Scheel

"First time for everything. One day soon I will visit for the first time with someone elses' first time too! That's what make it special to me"

Kathy Levourne Sullivan

"My husband and I were on the island 3.5 weeks ago, we miss it so much already."

Caroline McLaughlin Clarkson

"We were there September 2011 and I would go back in a heartbeat. Just loved the beautiful beaches and the evenings were so romantic."

Paula Vinicor Wilcox
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