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Goodlinens Case Study

Digital Retail Marketing


goodlinens sells great linen towels, pure and simple. Compared to cotton the fabric drys faster, retains less bacteria, takes up less space, and becomes more durable over time. The company came to us in the early stages of development.


Linen towels are immensely popular in Europe, but have yet to catch fire in the states. Linen is not as “plush” as cotton. It does not fit the stereotypical American ideal of “cuddly softness”. While you wont catch linen in the next Cottenelle puppy commercial, there are numerous advantages. goodlinens needed a simple and clean way to teach people just how awesome linen can be, as well as tap into the niche audience who was already hooked.


Experience A Better Towl. By positioning the product as an “experience” we were able to more fully capture what it is like to use the towel. We let people know that “this towel will change the way you shower”.


We built a cutting edge, clean website for people to learn more about these phenomenal new towels. The site was developed as a result of a very collaborative process. The people at goodlinens provided great feedback after every round of review and the project was finished in just over 2 months. Timing was an important factor as many people had already been introduced to the product and were anxiously awaiting the launch.


The most important element of a retailer website is their eCommerce solution. We built a store that allowed customers to choose their fabric, color and size. It was important that we keep scalability features in mind. As the company grows they will be adding many new items, so we designed a system that could sort through hundreds of features at a time. PayPal processing was utilized as a payment gateway and shipping calculators allowed the company to charge customers appropriately. Values for product size and weight were all entered in order to generate precise results. Users are presented with similar products they may enjoy upon checkout while the back-end experience gives the great people at goodlinens the ability to easily add or modify new products.


After attending numerous sidewalk shows, craft fairs, and trade shows, goodlinens had acquired a solid email list. We wanted to let everyone know the site was live and they could finally purchase their towels online. An email provider was chosen and a responsive HTML email was developed. Targeted messaging was sent out to each list individually, and detailed analytic reports were generated. We were able to determine which events were most useful by identifying which lists purchased more items.


The content strategy for goodlinens came in the form of use cases and environmental impact. We found that by writing about the advantages for unique groups we could generate a number of stories. College students who can’t afford to do laundry daily enjoy the anti-bacterial qualities, while travelers on the go enjoy the space saving elements. We also found a correlation between those who buy linen and those who are conscious about our environmental impact. This topic is near and dear to goodlinens so it was important to express their beliefs through ongoing blog content.




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