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RSA Case Study

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RSA is an American computer and network security company. Among its products include the RSA SecurID authentication token. They were acquired by EMC Corporation in 2006 for US$2.1 billion and operate as a division within EMC. RSA is based in Bedford, Massachusetts, maintaining offices in Australia, Ireland, Israel, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong and Japan


Due to the security breach immediately following their March 2011 conference, RSA was having an identity crisis. Public perception was less than ideal, and they were searching for a savvy solution to break their “men in suits” company persona. They had just acquired a “bad-ass”, innovative new security division. The kind of team that drinks Red Bull for breakfast, sports a mohawk, and solves your security breach before noon. RSA wanted to show the world this dynamic new company personality.  The solution needed to come to life during their 2012 worldwide conference and appeal to technology “insiders” as well as C-level executives. Gaining traction beyond the showroom floor was extremely crucial, as this campaign needed to touch those who were unable to attend.


Above all, RSA needed to show they were relevant. What better way than to show their peers in the information security world that they understood the underground side of things – that they too were immersed in the culture. A multidimensional campaign was created with a vast array of platforms and touch points to do just that. The cornerstone of the campaign was a game created to discover your “InfoSec” (information security) alter ego. It utilized common cultural “slang” to refer to different subsets of hackers and tech gurus. The game could be played at the booth, on Facebook, and on mobile devices. Character illustrations and videos were created to embody current “underground personalities” in the Infosec world. QR codes were placed on collateral in and around the conference. E-blasts, hotel room drops, and social invites were used to get the message out and build pre-conference hype. Custom t-shirts, iPads and 3d televisions were awarded to those with the most social reach.


Insiders realized that RSA was not an, out of touch group of “men in suits”. C-levels had and enjoyable cultural immersion into a world that they had never seen. Thousands of people showed up at the booth to see what the fuss was about, and the game received enormous press. Overall RSA received 200% more leads than last years conference and regained a more desirable reputation.
200 %


Increase YOY

300 %

Website Traffic

Increase From Prior Month

250 %


Increase YOY

60 %


Increase In Social Following


Played The






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