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per•son•i•fy: To think of or represent an inanimate object as having personality or the qualities, thoughts, or movements of a living being.
We breathe life into brands. Branding is more than creating a logo, branding is creating a life. We must give brands a personality far beyond a “look”. The technological ability to communicate 1 on 1 with customers all over the world has given rise to brand new opportunities. What tone will we take? What do we talk about? What are our morals? What interests do we have outside of our own corporate bubble? People demand transparency and gravitate toward depth.


Authenticity and consistency in branding are paramount. These qualities can only by accomplished when the brand personality is vividly clear. We help define these qualities and make sure everyone knows it. If you asked every person if your company – “what is our personality?” – would they respond in unison?